Container Plywood

The type of container flooring

Container flooring

Before we talk about the type of container flooring, we first learn about some container knowledge. Containers began to take root in China since the 1980s, and gradually change to use apitong container flooring. Non-steel flooring currently goes through three times change

The traditional apitong wooden floor

This is the most common floor in the market today. As Apitong faces over-felling and increases environmental protection is increasing. This flooring trend is slowing down.

Bamboo&wood flooring

From a decade or so ago, some of the environmentally-friendly ideas of container owner realized that over felling wood is not good, and constantly pushing for the development of bamboo flooring technology. In recent years, the improvement of bamboo plywood technology has led to the large-scale use of bamboo-wood laminate flooring, and this trend is rapidly increasing.

OSB composites or other materials

Some of the world’s container owners and related associations have been looking for the greenest and most economical floor. At present, composite flooring of OSB materials is being tested in the small field, and its service life and quality stability are still to be examined.