Apitong container plywood flooring

What is the specification of the container flooring?

Container Flooring

The standard size of dry cargo shipping Container Flooring Plywood is 2400*1160*28mm, 1010*1160*28mm, 1388*1160*28mm, 1626*636*28mm.

In addition, some special containers use 2400*1140*28mm, 2400*550*28mm, etc.

The common Container Flooring Plywood for 20GP and 40GP dry containers

20GP: 4 pieces 1160*2400*28mm and 2 pieces 1160*1010*28mm(container-flooring-plywood-specification)

40GP&40HQ: 4 pieces 636*1626*28mm, 6 pieces 1160*2400*28mm, 2 pieces 1160*1388*28mm

We are a specialized container plywood flooring manufacturer, mainly producing Apitong container plywood flooring and bamboo container plywood.

Since 2004, our factory had built 15 production lines for sea container flooring plywood. There are big Labs in our factory. It’s Local city bamboo fiber R&D center. We test glue every day and check the mechanics’ performance of plywood for each patch. Owning the 2000 hectare woodland and cut the log, shear to veneer. We make glue by our self. Now we are in long-term cooperation with universities in the development of new technology and products. From 2008, we had got ISO 9000, ISO 40001, BV and FSC.



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