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Installing shipping container flooring ways and quantity

Installing shipping container flooring

Do you know how to install shipping container flooring to the container?

Let’s us see two picture as follow,

20ft dry cargo container flooring














shipping container flooring

40ft dry cargo container flooring













Now, when you see the image above, do you know how many flooring for a 20ft container or 40ft container?

For 20 ft container, need 4 pieces 1160x2400mm, 2 pieces 1160×1010 mm.

For 40 ft container, need 4 pieces 636x1626mm, 6 pieces 1160*2400mm, 2 pieces 1160x1388mm.

Hope this article can help you, by the way, if you need container plywood above, please contact us, thanks for your support in advance.










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2 thoughts on “Installing shipping container flooring ways and quantity

  1. Wilson Nisti says:

    Nice information. Thanks.

    1. Carrie Lan says:

      About the container plywood flooring, we could offer size at 2440*1220*28mm; 2400*1160*28mm; 2400*636*28mm; 1010*1160*28mm; 2400*550*28mm, If you need, let me know.
      Whatsapp: 008613316175341

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