Antislip Container Bamboo Flooring   

This kind of Antislip Container Bamboo Flooring with 28mm thickness comprises more than 40% bamboo, is used to replace traditional southeast Asia hardwood(Keruing) plywood for 20ft, 40ft,45ft dry cargo containers. Flooring made from bamboo and eucalyptus, it composed of Anti-slip and phenolic Surface Film and Keruing back.

Do you know its advantages? The special surface protection film has the property of oil proof-ness, corrosion resistant and wear-resistant, the strength is better than wood flooring, more than 750kg/m³. Can load 6T.


Why choose us?

1.The wood landowner, original material control.

2.Advanced lad, full set of test equipment.

3.Personalized customization, different size, different load bearing.

4. Flexible production arrangement, meet the urgent order, the advanced pressing machine with unusual 2500T pressure.

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antislip container bamboo flooring


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