Bamboo Container Plywood Flooring

This red face bamboo container plywood flooring’s strength is better than wood flooring,

more than 780kg/m³. Can load 6T.

size: 1220x2440mm, 1160x 2400mm ,636x2400mm ,1160x1388mm, 1010x1160mm

thickness:  28 mm

core: Eucalyptus, Hardwood, bamboo

glue:  Phenolic

weight: 60~72kg/sheet

plies:  21 plies

face/back:  Bamboo

usage: shipping/Sea container Dry container, container repair

It has passed the 7260 kg test of the forklift, In harsh environments such as severe humidity at sea, waterproof, antiseptic. The surface of the Maersk Bamboo Container Flooring is made of the film, makes the surface waterproof performance slightly higher than the traditional bamboo and wood flooring.

If you are interested in this bamboo container flooring plywood. Please contact us.

Bamboo Container Plywood Flooring

















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