Steel corner castings sets

  • SO 1161 certificated.
  • high-quality raw materials SCW490
  • The dimensions are 178x162x118mm.

Steel corner castings sets, Steel Transport Container Corner Castings

This is standard steel transport container corner castings with ISO 1161 certificated.

It has high-quality raw materials SCW490, The dimensions are 178x162x118mm.

Steel transport container corner castings mission

Corner casting plays an important role in the lifting, handling and fixing of containers. It is installed in the four corners of the container. Once the container corner fitting is damaged and cannot be used, the entire container may collapse.

For the transmission of force, this requires that it must have a good mechanical performance, and it must be designed to match the container so that it is less stressed. Otherwise, the longtime force, the life of the container corner castings is short.

Steel Transport Container Corner Castings


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