jointas-123 neoprene sealant freight container


jointas-123 neoprene sealant freight container


Jointas- 123 is component neoprene sealant specially designed for the sealing of automobile, freight container and refrigerated containers, ships and yachts, etc. It is mainly used in the car window and ceiling bonding, container door and column weld joint sealing and wood floor bonding, which can also be used as the joint sealing material of car body expansion joint and surrounding joint. It is also applicable in the bonding and sealing of glass, aluminum alloy, wood and metal.

Product features:

Short surface drying time and short internal drying period

Excellent initial adhesion performance which can establish the adhesive strength rapidly

Good adhesive strength for various kinds of common base materials

Excellent anti-UV, aging resistant and moisture resistant performance


The above data are only for your reference. Users shall test according to your own requirements before the use. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

It shall not be used if the material surface temperature is lower than 5º C or higher than 45º C.

Avoid long time immediate contact with skin. Go to the doctor at once if it splashes in eyes during the use.

Keep away from fire and children.


310ml/each, 24 pieces/cartridge

Transportation and storage:

This product is combustible. But it is not an inflammable and explosive material, which can be transported in a normal way. It must be stored in a dry and cool place below 27º C with the guarantee period of 12 months.

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