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Container parts catalog

Do you know all the container parts catalog? Here have some container accessories for your reference.

Container parts include as follow:

  • ISO 1161 Corner Castings
  • EPDM Door Gaskets&Gasket Retainer
  • Door Locking Device
  • Door Hinge Set
  • Container Plywood Flooring
  • Container Ventilator Cover
  • CSC Plate
  • Lashing Ring
  • Tarpaulin&Tir cable
  • Door and Floor Screw
  • Decal and Marks
  • Sea Container Bolt Seal
  • Shipping Container Roof Panel
  • Cargo Container Side Panel
  • Container Front Panel
  • Container Door Panel
  • Front Corner Post
  • Rear Corner Post
  • Inner& Outer
  • Cross Member
  • Bottom Side Rail
  • Top Side Rail
  • Door Sill
  • Front Bottom End Rail
  • Front Top/ Bottom End Rail
  • Door Header Lower
  • Door Header Upper
  • Angle

Do you know where is container parts in the container?

Let’s look at the picture.

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    Dry containers parts and size

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