Container Plywood

What kind of container flooring is better for sea container?

Which container flooring is better for ship container?

Of course is wood container flooring, called Keruing flooring. Usually, this plywood’s size is 2400X1160X28mm with loading above 6 ton. Keruing as the container flooring’s face and back, will stronger than steel.


How to make this container plywood flooring for sea container?

The making way as follow,  the veneers stack together using crossbanding and bonded together under heat and pressure

with strong adhesives to form a composite material. The plywood sheeting laminated to further increase its resistance to

warping and shearing forces.OBM container floor resists cracking, shrinkage, twisting, and warping. Easy to lay as a permanent floor fix and is

long lasting with a high resistance to damage.

This kind of plywood is used for manufacturing and repairing of container floorboard for 20’and 40’ container.

We are a manufacturer of commercial container flooring plywood in China, the product’s quality is above industry standards with reasonable price.

We produce standard flooring 1220x2440x28mm, 2400x1160x28mm and other sizes. Shipping container flooring plywood of our company meets international standards.

container flooring loading test


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This wood flooring is treated with potentially harmful pesticides before it’s fitted into the shipping containers.


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