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Some common questions about shipping container floors

Some common questions about shipping container floors

Do shipping containers have wood floors? Of course, Not only wood floors but also bamboo flooring. Now in the container industry, most customers prefer wood floors because its cost is lower than the bamboo floor.

Are shipping containers floors waterproof?

Hight quality floors with laminating in the bottom are waterproof. Especially when container sailing on the sea, then this kind of containers needs to install laminating floors in the bottom.

How much a pieces standard shipping container floor?

It depends on the cost of flooring, if pass Maersk test, usually are above USD 40/piece.

How many floors does a standard container need?

One 20ft container: need 4 pieces 2400x1160x28mm, 2 pieces 1160*1010*28mm.

One 40ft container: 4 pieces 636x1626x28mm, 6 pieces 1160x2400x28mm, 2 pieces 1160x 1388x 28mm

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