Shipping container bamboo flooring details

The shipping container bamboo flooring has the feature of the waterproof, high strength, have 21 plies, its density is 780~950kg/m³.

Its specification is 2400x1160x28mm, and the face and back are bamboo and film.

The Core includes bamboo, eucalyptus, Hardwood, glue is the phenolic.

Shipping container bamboo flooring


Why choose us?

We can offer good quality container plywood with the best price.

We are located in Guangzhou, China. The first line city with convenient transportation.


1. Do you have any stock in your factory?

Yes, there will be some stocks

2. Which price could terms accept?

We can accept FOB or as your request.

We can also offer other container spare parts, including a ventilator, EPDM container door gasket, floor screws. etc.

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