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How to Choose Good Quality Container Flooring?

Do you know how to choose good quality container flooring plywood before you didn’t know manufacturers? Here have some ways you need to know.

The bearing loading of container flooring

Somebody may ask, how to know the bearing load before getting the plywood? You can ask the manufacturer to get a sample and do loading testing. This way needs to spend more time and cost. Or requesting manufacturer sends you some test data, but many test data is fake. So maybe the video of loading test is more effective. In this industry, too many floorings just load about 4 ton, but container plywood suppliers always tell you their plywood meets IICL standard.

The glue of container plywood

Usually, the good quality container plywood flooring use Phenolic glue and every veneer fill up the glue. Some factories use bad glue and some veneer no glue so that reduce cost, this way will make flooring getting worse and worse and the floor easy broken.

The materials of plywood flooring

Actually using brand new and complete veneer to make container flooring is better, some suppliers use old building plywood with fractured veneer to make plywood, Obviously like this flooring is terrible.

The pressure equipment of floor

Advanced equipment is used for making container plywood is better, old equipment’s pressure is not enough, leading to making out bad plywood flooring.

Finally, you need to pay attention the scale of the manufacturer. Big factory, no matter for the equipment, materials, or technology or other things, beyond doubt is better than small factory.


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  1. Hi,
    I have recently installed hardwood timber flooring. The quality of the floors is just wow! It’s warm, and it is giving my entire space a timeless appeal. I loved the new flooring, which I just installed a few months back. Even my friends adored it, and are planning to do similar flooring.
    Whatever matter you have stated above totally comply with the hardwood materials. So, proudly is say hardwood floorings to be the best selection i have made so far. A happy customer 🙂

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