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World first! Large helicopter airdrop container to block burst

Large helicopter airdrop container to block burst

World first! Large helicopter airdrop container to block burst

On August 29th, Hubei Province organized the first large-scale helicopters to deal with major dikes in the Jinzhou Honghu Changjiang River. Using large helicopter “airdrop container” to block the dam practice, creating a world precedent.

The Mi-26 helicopter is the heaviest and largest helicopter in the world at present. During the drill, two Mi-26 helicopters participated in and successfully completed various drills such as “airdrop container”. China’s Aneng Group rescue team set up a temporary take-off and landing point for helicopters on Zhongzhou Island to ensure helicopters to carry out aviation rescue.

It is reported that the “airdrop container” subject is a new exploration of plugging technology. The weight of the abandoned container, the punching, the water injection and the weight increase, after the hoisting into the water body, the formation of a huge component weighing 44 tons, with water to control the water, can quickly settle and fill, effectively respond to the dangerous situation.

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