Comparison of common cargo containers of different materials

Steel Container

  • Overall rigidity and water tightness at the joints for the containers
  • Excellent resistance to earthquakes and friction
  • The requirements for maintenance conditions are a little low
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost and maintenance costs are lower than other containers
  • High requirements for coating and surface pretreatment
  • 118%~125% heavier than aluminium boxes

Aluminium Container

  • Excellent rust resistance
  • Long life under carefully used conditions
  • Lightweight, 80%~85% of steel containers
  • Very good appearance, but poor rigidity, easy to deform
  • High requirements for maintenance conditions
  • The surface is not resistant to abrasion and is easily torn
  • High cost, 150%~180% of steel box
  • Higher maintenance costs

Glass-steel Container

  • The total thickness of the container’s wall is larger
  • Good resistance to rust and heat insulation, less condensation
  • The inner wall is flat and easy to clean
  • Wall panel maintenance is convenient
  • Seams are prone to leakage
  • The wall is poorly rigid and has a large amount of elastic deformation.
  • The weight is 120%~150% of the steel containers
  • High cost, 140%~160% of steel containerscontainer-parts-container












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