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container flooring improvement measures

Why need to improve container flooring?

For a long time, the container flooring is made of Apitong from the tropical rainforest. After years of exploitation,  the container manufacturing industry almost run out the forest resources. At the same time, due to environmental protection policies prohibiting or restricting felling of natural forests. The Apitong prices are rising year by year. In 2002, the container flooring industry successfully developed eucalyptus flooring. It gradually replaced the non-renewable Apitong with artificial wood in a short time. Today, fast-growing forests such as eucalyptus, poplar, and bamboo are the main raw materials for container flooring.

The problem of container flooring

At the same time, the damage to the container floor is getting more and more serious. And the maintenance cost is rising, causing the container users to worry about the quality of the container floor. In recent years, the maintenance cost of container floors ranks first among the maintenance costs of various components of dry cargo containers, accounting for 30% of the total maintenance costs of the whole container, and the ratio is still rising. Cracking, delamination, oil pollution, etc. are the main forms of damage to container floors, the penetration, and spread of oil pollution is getting more and more serious.

How can we avoid these problems?

In order to avoid breakage during the installation of the container flooring, on the bottom of the container, place a thin layer of iron, then laid the container wood flooring or bamboo flooring to prevent breakage and extend the service life of the container, This method seems to be costly in a short period of time, but in the long term, container manufacturers can still consider it. On the other hand, you can find some container plywood manufacturers which have the great proven technology. Generally, manufacturers with more than a few years of technology will be more stable than those of just-started manufacturers. For example, OBM plywood has a history of 15 years, and it goes without saying that it will be slightly better than other container plywood manufacturers in terms of technology.

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