Maersk Bamboo container flooring

Do you know Maersk bamboo container flooring? Please see under description

Density: 780~950kg/m3

Moisture content: ≤12%

Specifications (mm): 2400*1160*28, 1388*1160*28, 1010*1160*28, 1626*636*28

Face and Back: bamboo curtain, film.

Core: bamboo curtain, eucalyptus, pine, etc.

Test: Pass 7260kg loading test.

Glue: phenolicMaersk Bamboo container flooring


Maersk flooring has passed the 7260 kg test of the forklift. In harsh environments such as severe humidity at sea, waterproof, antiseptic can use this bamboo flooring. Maersk Bamboo Container Flooring’s surface is film, makes the surface waterproof performance slightly higher than the traditional bamboo and wood flooring.
The high density of bamboo makes it impossible to meet the glueing performance of the rubber-coated equipment, have to use dipping technology. The ordinary plywood factories cannot meet this requirement. Because the toughness of bamboo is very strong, the pressure of the pressing machine is more than twice that of ordinary wood. It is necessary to have a professional high press machine and related technology to meet the requirements of the Maersk bamboo container flooring. Bamboo wood flooring has a longer process than wood flooring and the process technology is more complicated.

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